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It was from years of professional consulting and training that “SITO” bears its name and its corporate culture, where “Si” and “To” combine to mean Mentor-to-Men tee (training culture), Client-to-Server (technology culture), and Customer-to-Service (our business culture). In Chinese, the characters “Si” and “To” literally mean “mastery” and “discipline”. Therefore it is our business to master our commitment to customer service through the discipline and practice of understanding our clients needs.

Our goal each day is the same and that is to save every client time and money by facilitating and maintaining the most efficient and secure workflow operation, so that the business of what you do best is just that - your niche business. We will provide your operation with the expertise and support that it deserves and give you the peace of mind that a team of experts are servicing your network without the added cost of staffing it yourself.